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34 years later and this Great Yarmouth butcher still thrives

4th August 1987 - it may not mean anything to you, unless it's a birthday or a landmark but for this Great Yarmouth butcher, it's a significant date. The date we opened. Almost 34 years ago.

To give this some context, Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister and on the day we opened "La Bamba" by Los Lobos was number one.

Yarmouth looked very different back then. It had a thriving town centre, historic rows that were bustling with footfall and shops and Jim opened shop on Market Row on that summer's day. It's not the best photo as none of us had Samsung or Apple iPhones in 1987!

What's also remarkable too, perhaps, is that there were 15 butchers in Yarmouth and 3 were on Market Row, including us! Now there's just a handful as supermarkets and online delivery has decimated town centre activity - not to mention Covid 19!

We've not stood still as a business though - we opened a second shop in Gorleston, before that became unviable with supermarket monopolies. Yet we have survived and thrived.

We moved too, from Market Row, to our current base on The Conge in the early 2000s.

The Rows are one of many historical marvels of Great Yarmouth

They actually date back to 1198 and form alleyways that run from the market place and beyond to the river Yare. We know this as they are mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

Market Row, our original base, formed part of that historic town plan. Some rows were only 90 to 150 cm wide meaning you could hit a pedestrian by opening a door on to the street! This meant a law was passed forcing all doors to open inwards! There were 145 Rows and these were numbered in 1803. Many were destroyed during WW2 bombing, but lots survive today still.

This Great Yarmouth butcher is one of the oldest surviving businesses in the town and though 34 years does seem relatively young, we are proud of our longevity and your support that has made us survive and thrive.

We've moved with the times too.

Jim's Butchers delivers its fine produce across East Anglia - from King's Lynn to Cambridge to Ipswich with all points in between. We have an active web presence, an engaged Facebook following and an online shop.

We're proud to be associated with Great Yarmouth and are delighted with the support we get from individual customers to corporate businesses across this huge swathe of area.

The next time you're in Yarmouth, grab some market chips, head down Market Row and towards us on The Conge. If you can't get in, order our fine produce online here.

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