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Cold winter but long days of BBQs beckon

It's been a pretty harsh winter here in Norfolk. A few weeks ago, we had significant amounts of snow; the likes of which haven't been seen since The Beast From The East in 2018.

If you recall that, we had about 10 days of snow that settled and caused huge drifts across Norfolk and Suffolk. Even the beaches had a covering at Lowestoft, Yarmouth and Gorleston, which is unusual.

But at the end of March, clocks move forward and we can all look forward to longer daylight hours from April to August and that means one thing to us! Barbecues.

Who doesn't love a barbecue?

Men seem particularly drawn to cooking outside for some reason - caveman genetics, we're not sure?

But warmer days may see purchases of disposable charcoal barbecues or a clean of the Weber or, even fancier, the gas barbecue wheeled out to live in the garden.

This butchers in Great Yarmouth loves spring and summer - who doesn't?

Once you've mastered getting your barbecue to the right temperature, we have some real treats in store for you. With lockdown ending too, this summer may see us all congregate in gardens for that much-missed human contact.

So what would we recommend for these happy times?

Sausages are always a winner for BBQs. They come with their own skin and when twisted and turned above charcoal for 20 minutes, they taste heavenly. Even if you cook too many, a cold sausage sandwich takes some beating! Ditto, chicken drumsticks.

Steak is another sure fire certainty. You can cook it very rare to well done and all points in between. The beauty of barbecues is that meat can be cooked and eaten constantly in grazing mode. Add some jacket potatoes, corn on the cob and griddled onions and you have a great sociable meal.

If you have a kettle barbecue, with a domed lid, a jacket potato can be washed and pricked, seasoned and foil wrapped and cooked above coals. As can corn on the cob - add a slither of butter, wrap in foil and arrange next to the potatoes and meat.

The humble barbecued onion though is a real find though. You peel the onion, score it from the top and add butter to the graze and a rasher of bacon. Wrap in foil and stick on the barbecue.

It's divine, trust us.

With Jim's Butchers in Great Yarmouth, you can have your bacon, steak and sausages delivered for free and when the mercury rises in your garden, dig out your apron, chilled beer and BBQ equipment and dine like a king and queen.

With free delivery on orders over £25, why not browse our shop and place an order?

Your garden will be a great place to eat this summer, after 15 months of lockdown, we guarantee that.

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