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The humble sausage has a long history

Sausages are a tasty staple of many modern diets. They’re easy to store, easy to cook and available to complement most meals, not just bangers and mash. Sausages exist in many forms from chipolatas to saveloy to chorizo. Basically meat encased in a skin is classed as a sausage.

They found popularity before the days of fridges and freezers as they were cylinders of salted meat that stayed fresh in ambient temperatures. They date back, actually, to 3100 BC to a place called Mesopotamia, now an area that covers parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Sausages become really popular though when the spice trade exploded allowing them to be dried, preserved and transported.

The German sausage (Frankfurter or hot dog) dates back to 1484; Chorizo with its chilli stems from 1600 with the Saveloy and Chipolata coming from England and France in the 19th and 20th century.

History lesson done, so you may ask why is this butchers in Great Yarmouth banging on about bangers?

Two reasons - one, because our walk down memory lane in our last blog piqued curiosity and comments; secondly because sausages are in demand again and we have four new ones!

Sausage and mash, with gravy and some veg (baked beans, carrots), has long been a staple British meal. Peel some potatoes, boil them for 20 minutes, whilst grilling or frying the sausages. Add a portion of veg and a layer of gravy and you have a quick and nutritious meal in under half an hour.

Sausages can also be added to pasta dishes. Boil some fusilli pasta, create a tomato sauce and cook the sausages and squint one eye, and you could almost imagine you’re in Bologna not Burgh Castle.

Whole recipe books have been dedicated to the sausage and if you peek online, BBC Good Food has no less than 41 meal ideas here.

So, which of the four would you pick from our new range?

1. Norfolk Famous Old English Sausages

2. Award Winning Pepper, Rosemary & Thyme Sausages

3. Butchers Classic Pork & Leek Sausages

4. Tomato & Basil Sausages

The Old English are incredibly tasty with fine pork and a strong flavour of pepper with them. Think Cumberland sausages, but made in the flat expanses of Norfolk where there’s no fells.

Second, if you’re short of thyme (sorry) try this new mix. Rosemary and thyme add fragrance and gentle spice to the sausage and, you’ll notice, they’ve won awards - just don’t expect a medal with each one.

Pork and Leek is a classic. Leek is part of the onion family and we all know how well onion gravy goes with bangers and mash, try them!

Finally, a touch of the Mediterranean on The Conge with Tomato and Basil. These would be perfect with a pasta dish, we know.

So how do you order these historical beauties? Click the link:

Each sold in Packs of 8 for the reasonable price of £3.99 Each.

Or buy 4 Packs for the price of 3 in Jim’s Bargain Banger Bundle for £11.99! Remember too we have Covid safe deliveries.

When you’ve ordered and cooked them, be sure to give us feedback on our active Facebook page and we hope you’ve enjoyed this history lesson from this leading butchers in Great Yarmouth.

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