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The weather in Yarmouth is looking great

Since the new rules came in about meeting others this week, the weather seems to have put on a smile and we've seen temperatures nudging 20 degrees across Great Yarmouth. Those big blue Norfolk skies that have been absent for months have returned with a vengeance. The staff have noticed, too, more road traffic, more footfall in out Great Yarmouth butcher's shop on The Conge and more online orders.

For many of our team, spring and summer is a blessing and we enjoy these months immensely.

You may have noticed something else too where you live - the hum and thrum of lawnmowers and that heady odour of charcoal and outside cooking.

Yes it's barbecue time.

This year, the UK has gone almost Australian in its alfresco restaurant efforts. We all now know, barring an unforeseen spike in Covid numbers, that outdoor eating at pubs and restaurants is allowed from 12th April.

What's more, as of this week, you can meet in groups of six - your bubble.

So what are you doing in these longer warmer days? Are you meeting friends? Are you walking or travelling further than your local area or have you fired up the barbecue? Last night we noticed it wasn't dark until 7.30 pm and, as weeks and days progress, those light nights will last longer - perfect for sitting in your garden or on your terrace, sipping wine, cider or beer and chargrilling meat and vegetables.

One of our personal favourite recipes is the roasted onion dish. Try it as a side. Peel and criss cross a whole white onion, leaving it intact. Push butter into the opening, season with salt and pepper, cover with two rashers of bacon, wrap in foil and barbecue it for 45 minutes. Trust us, it's a taste sensation!

We've other finger food that makes a perfect accompaniment to a roasted onion or corn on the cob: chicken drumsticks, burgers and sausages which form a melange of flavours for these sunny evenings of social bubbles.

The Law of Sod will now probably dictate that there will be rain for 40 days and 40 nights now we've celebrated sun - but, we're an optimistic bunch and advise you to place an order online for free delivery or collection, don an apron, chill some beer and barbecue the best meat in Great Yarmouth from the comfort of your own garden.

Take a look at our barbecue selection here.

Do check out our BBQ Pack and Feast before they sell out too.

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