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Who doesn't love a full English breakfast?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

"A full English" is probably not a term that many are familiar with ... outside the UK. It's code, as you and we know, for a cooked breakfast that has traditional components:








Ketchup or Brown Sauce

Hash browns

Have we omitted any?

It is opposed to what is called a continental breakfast - of bread, cheese, ham, croissants and conserves (jams and marmalade) which is usually served cold, or lukewarm.

There is an art to making a full English breakfast too and it's one that many hotels and cafés, who are customers of Jim's Butchers, have perfected.

If you cast a backward glance at that list of nine, you'd have to prioritise which you'd cook first.

We'd opt for hash browns and sausages - wouldn't you?

You can preheat your oven and cook the hash browns (we'll assume you've bought frozen, pre-made ones) whilst prepping the rest. Are your grilling the sausages or frying them?

Look at our banger of a blog post here on sausages too.

Ah, the eggs, now they're tricky!

Do you want boiled, poached, fried or scrambled?

If boiled, they're probably your next to cook list after sausages but if they're scrambled and microwaved, they need to be last!

Apologies too if this is teaching Grandma how to suck eggs!

Next, is tomatoes? Depends? Are you grilling large beef tomatoes spliced in half or going for tinned plum tomatoes on stove top or microwave. First world problems eh?

Then to us, it would be bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? Food of the Gods. Do you fry it or grill it? Do you like it crispy or lightly cooked? Smoked or unsmoked?

It's not as easy as it looks is it?

Finally, if you're craving vitamin B, mushrooms are next up - do you go chestnut or white? Button or Portobello? Decisions again.

Finally the humble beans, baked beans full of protein and fibre and naturally gluten free. Your choice too - simmer in a pan or microwave.

Plates warmed up, ketchup and cutlery out, bread toasted, table laid and time to tuck in to a full English.

You know what too?

We do a popular bargain breakfast pack - 10 X SAUSAGES, 10 X RASHERS BACON, 10 X MEDIUM EGGS - all for just £10, with free delivery with orders over £25.

Click the link here and have a great full English with us.

Jim's Butchers is the one of the oldest surviving butchers in Great Yarmouth. We've Covid safe with both deliveries and collection from our store on The Conge. We deliver across Norfolk and Suffolk to customers from the commercial and domestic sectors. Try us out today.

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